I first heard about the Lost Boys of Sudan several years ago through news reports. The stories told were almost too unbelievable to be true. I wanted to know more but lost track of the story. Then, DiAnn Mills gave me the honor of reading this book. I was once again captured by what may be one of the saddest and yet greatest stories of our time.

The story of Abraham Nhial and the sixteen thousand boys who wandered Africa for years, alone and afraid, is a story of biblical proportions. People of all religions are familiar with the accounts of Abraham of the Bible. His faith in God led him and his family on a journey that laid the foundation for the world. Few, however, know the story of the modern-day Abraham as told in this incredible book.

DiAnn Mills takes the reader on a heartbreaking and inspiring journey from the Sudan to Ethiopia and Kenya. Sixteen thousand boys came together from all across the Sudan, as they fled from those attacking their villages and killing their parents, brothers, sisters, and other family members. These boys were alone, with only each other to guide the way, provide food and try to protect each other. In their journey to safety, they had to survive rebel soldiers, crocodiles, and the elements of the unforgiving countryside. Many did not survive.

The Lost Boys eventually found safety in Ethiopia, but it, too, was overrun by rebels and the boys had to go on the run again. Their journey led them back to the land they had fled in fear and then on to a United Nations refugee camp in Kenya. Many ended up, and still live in, the United States, where they are receiving an education and waiting to return to their homeland one day.

This book is more than a story of an incredible journey by brave young boys. It is most importantly a story of faith. This is why I see this work by DiAnn Mills as a story of biblical proportions. The faith of these boys in Jesus as their Savior, despite the ordeals they suffered in their journey and still face today, can be compared to the stories of faith in the Bible. The faith of the Lost Boys is an example to all in the world to the peace, hope and promise of God's Word. Every believer will be inspired by the story of the Lost Boys. Nonbelievers will understand, possibly for the first time, how faith in Jesus Christ is the only answer for the struggles of this world.

This story is also one of the politics and religion of this world. In a time when the Christian and Islamic faiths are on a collision course in much of the world, DiAnn Mills walks us through each faith so that the reader has a better understanding of the present-day conflicts through the backdrop of her story on Abraham's journey across Africa.

You will be shocked, saddened, inspired, and filled with hope as you read "Lost Boy No More".

Dan Patrick

Dan Patrick is author of the best-selling book "The Second Most Important Book You Will Ever Read", a personal challenge to read the Bible. He is owner of Houston Broadcasting and hosts a daily radio talk show. An award-winning veteran of more than thirty-five years in the media, he is a regular contributor to FoxNews, MSNBC, and other networks. He is often the guest host on national radio shows for Michael Reagan and Laura Ingraham.




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